Smart Braided Charging Cable
Smart Braided Charging Cable
Smart Braided Charging Cable
Smart Braided Charging Cable
Smart Braided Charging Cable

Smart Braided Charging Cable

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Just when you’re about to hit top score, you battery fails you and your phone dies on you. But you it’s just so uncomfortable playing on landscape while the phone is plugged in! Now, you can conveniently use your phone while it’s charging without breaking it in the process! Introducing, theSmart Braided Charging Cable. Who would have thought that shifting a charger plug angle 90° can make a whole lot of difference to your mobile experience?

Say no more to cables that split easily. Designed to be durable and long lasting, this comes with simply clever features that heavy mobile users (especially gamers) are bound to love.

  • 90° angled plug prevents your cable from dismantling from its USB connector from too much bending, mostly when you use your phone while it’s being charged.
  • Conveniently charge while using your phone in landscape mode. Now you can comfortably continue gaming, browsing, streaming and so on without any hassle, even while it’s plugged in.
  • Braided cable wire jacket makes for extra durable protection that won’t split easily like your ordinary cables made of the usual PVC or TPE materials
  • Daytime and nighttime mode LED indicators prevent your phone from overcharging
  • Fast charging so you can power up your mobile phone in no time.
  • Smart charging lets you charge safely with its stable flowing voltage, keeping your mobile phone free from damage caused by fluctuating voltage
  • High speed data transmission for fast file and data sharing

Whether you’re a hard core gamer, or you just need your phone always running incessantly, this Smart Braided Charging Cable is definitely a sure winner!


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